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DDN News
DDN Wins Artificial Intelligence Breakthrough Award For Third Consecutive Year
Prestigious Award Recognizes DDN AI and Machine Learning Solutions in Enterprise Digital Transformation, Business Analytics, Research, and Autonomous Driving
DDN announced that it has received its third consecutive 'AI Hardware Innovation Award' in the annual AI Breakthrough Awards program conducted by AI Breakthrough, a leading market intelligence organization that recognizes technological and product leadership in global AI and AI-driven digital transformation markets.

DDN was recognized for its DDN A3I (Accelerated, Any-Scale AI) AI400X system, which has been instrumental in bringing unmatched operational excellence for enterprise digital transformation initiatives in AI, financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, autonomous driving, research, and other enterprise IT infrastructures. DDN has delivered powerful, easy-to-deploy, market-leading and data management solutions to thousands of organizations globally.

DDN News, June 30th, 2022
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NVIDIA, Partners Show Leading AIPerformance And Versatility In MLPerf
Two years since its debut, the A100 GPU continues to secure the highest number of wins as NVIDIA AI remains the only platform to run all tests in the MLPerf industry benchmarks.
NVIDIA and its partners continued to provide the best overall AI training performance and the most submissions across all benchmarks with 90% of all entries coming from the ecosystem, according to MLPerf benchmarks released today.

The NVIDIA AI platform covered all eight benchmarks in the MLPerf Training 2.0 round, highlighting its leading versatility.

No other accelerator ran all benchmarks, which represent popular AI use cases including speech recognition, natural language processing, recommender systems, object detection, image classification and more. NVIDIA has done so consistently since submitting in December 2018 to the first round of MLPerf, an industry-standard suite of AI benchmarks.

NVIDIA News, June 29th, 2022
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Siemens And NVIDIA To Enable Industrial Metaverse
Partnership to transform the manufacturing industry with immersive experiences across the lifecycle from design through operation
Siemens, a leader in industrial automation and software, infrastructure, building technology and transportation, and NVIDIA, a pioneer in accelerated graphics and artificial intelligence (AI), today announced an expansion of their partnership to enable the industrial metaverse and increase use of AI-driven digital twin technology that will help bring industrial automation to a new level. As a first step in this collaboration, the companies plan to connect Siemens Xcelerator, the open digital business platform, and NVIDIA Omniverse, a platform for 3D design and collaboration. This will enable an industrial metaverse with physics-based digital models from Siemens and real-time AI from NVIDIA in which companies make decisions faster and with increased confidence.
NVIDIA News, June 29th, 2022
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The Gaming Evolution Will Be Televised: Gfn Thursday Levels Up The Living Room Experience On New Samsung Tvs And More
Gaming in the living room gets a major upgrade with a new SHIELD update, Samsung Gaming Hub launch, six new titles this week and 13 games coming in July.
Turn the TV on. GeForce NOW is leveling up gaming in the living room.

The Samsung Gaming Hub launched today, delivering GeForce NOW natively on 2022 Samsung Smart TVs.

Plus, the SHIELD Software Experience Upgrade 9.1 is now rolling out to all NVIDIA SHIELD TVs, delivering new gaming features that improve GeForce NOW.

Great living room gaming pairs perfectly with a great gaming controller. GeForce NOW members can claim a new reward for 20% off all SteelSeries gaming controllers on - available through the end of August.

NVIDIA News, June 30th, 2022
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Three Wheeling: Startup Faction Develops Affordable Tri-Wheel Avs On NVIDIA Drive
The NVIDIA Inception member's electric, autonomous vehicles are purpose-built for micro- delivery and mobility
ome things are easy as A, B, C. But when it comes to autonomous vehicles, the key may be in one, two, three.

Faction, a Bay Area-based startup and NVIDIA Inception member, is preparing to debut its business-to-business autonomous delivery service, accelerating its commercial deployment with three-wheel production electric vehicles purpose-built for driverless services.

In addition, the company has built its autonomous driving system on NVIDIA DRIVE AGX for robust, automotive-grade AI compute.

NVIDIA News, June 30th, 2022
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Fortinet News
Fortinet Xperts Summit 2022 Regional Events For Partners
With new, sophisticated cyber threats continuing to impact the security of businesses around the world, it is crucial that organizations have the support needed to defend against them. This includes the partners they rely on for security expertise
Fortinet holds annual, regionally operated XPERTS Summit events for its partners to ensure they are up to date on the latest Fortinet technology and solutions and are maintaining their cybersecurity expertise. Regional events will start kicking off in June.

The Value of the Fortinet XPERTS Summits for Partners

Fortinet regional XPERTS Summits are tailored, hands-on training events designed for highly skilled engineering partners. These summits help partners learn new skills and gain technical training that, in turn, helps them differentiate themselves in a competitive market. In these training events, partners have the opportunity to work with a variety of Fortinet technology offerings to ensure they are up to speed on the latest and greatest, including Secure SD-WAN, OT security, zero-trust access, and FortiManager.

Fortinet News, June 27th, 2022
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New 2022 SASE Market Trends Study Shows Solutions Exceed Expectations In Remote Work Connectivity And Security
Digital Services and Distributed Workforce Trends Accelerate Investments, According to CIO Research Sponsored by Masergy and Fortinet
Masergy, the software-defined network and cloud platform for the digital enterprise, and Fortinet, a global leader in broad, integrated and automated cybersecurity solutions, today released the results of a new Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) research study from CIO. The findings show recent trends are accelerating investments in SASE solutions with recognized benefits exceeding expectations across five key categories - most notably remote work connectivity and security performance.

This trend is the reason Fortinet and Masergy teamed up in 2020 to deliver a highly differentiated SASE architecture that converges security and networking. The Masergy-delivered SASE offering is built using Fortinet Secure SD-WAN, which converges highly scalable SD-WAN, next-generation firewall, advanced routing, and zero trust network access (ZTNA) into a single solution. Combined with Masergy's global software-defined network, 24/7 network and security management services, industry-leading service level agreements, and exceptional customer experience, the joint SASE offering helps redefine what is possible for future-thinking businesses.

Fortinet News, June 28th, 2022
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Secure SD-WAN: The Foundation For Network Transformation
Over the past several years, virtualization and cloud adoption has led to a massive migration of applications and resources to cloud environments.
Today, nearly every organization has some portion of its resources in the cloud, with 89% of organizations having a multi-cloud strategy in place. And Gartner estimates that by 2025 over 95% of new digital workloads will be deployed on cloud-native platforms.

SD-WAN has played a pivotal role in enabling the global digital transformation of organizations. At first, it simply provided a more flexible way for branch offices to quickly connect to cloud-based applications. But as networks continued to evolve, SD-WAN became essential, providing fast and secure access between clouds, clouds and data centers, and as the centerpiece of SASE solutions that extend that same access coupled with security to home and mobile workers. Today, new SD-WAN platforms serve as essential building blocks for highly dynamic and broadly distributed networks. Here's a look at the evolution of SD-WAN over the past 8 years:

Fortinet News, June 30th, 2022
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Securing The Infrastructure Of Today And Tomorrow
With a focus on the future challenges of securing today and tomorrow's infrastructure, EMEA-based Fortinet Field CISOs Joe Robertson and Alain Sanchez recently shared their thoughts on this important topic, commenting on the urgency around securing infrastructure and important strategies to help defend OT organizations.
Q: What is Critical Infrastructure Today?

JR (Joe Robertson): One of the key factors in defining infrastructure is that it's technology that everybody uses. For example, though you don't usually think of a street this way, it is technology. If you go back to the Roman era, the Roman roads were technology. They were 'the internet' 2000 years ago. Roads are still technology that is used by society today. So, when we talk about infrastructure, whether it's roads or electricity or plumbing or public transportation, these are all critical infrastructures to our modern society.

When critical infrastructure is not functioning, for whatever reason, this creates blockages in society. We have to be aware that attackers are looking at ways to disrupt societies. These are considerations that governments are worried about, and justifiably so.

Fortinet News, June 30th, 2022
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VMware News
VMware Named 2022 HPE Global Technology Partner Of The Year
VMware recognized for embodying partnership-first value and commitment to helping mutual customers unleash their growth potential and achieve better business outcomes
VMware announced the company was named the 2022 HPE Global Technology Partner of the Year. This award recognizes VMware as an HPE partner that exemplifies commitment and success in delivering value to customers on their digital transformation journey.

VMware Wins 2022 HPE Global Technology Partner of the Year (Graphic: Business Wire)

'For our mutual customers, VMware is and remains a core technology stack built to run their most critical enterprise applications. It's an honor to celebrate VMware as an HPE partner that consistently delivers exceptional financial performance, cutting-edge innovation, and meaningful business results,' said George Hope, Worldwide Head of Partner Sales, HPE. 'HPE and VMware continue to closely collaborate to meet the demands of today's customers pursuing data-first modernization from the edge to the cloud, with a strong portfolio of HPE GreenLake solutions that include virtualization, cloud and mobility solutions and services.'

VMware News, June 28th, 2022
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VMware Unveils vSphere+ and vSAN+
To Simplify Operations with Centralized Infrastructure Management, Increase Developer Velocity with Integrated Kubernetes, and Extend On-Premises with Hybrid Cloud Services
VMware unveiled VMware vSphere+ and VMware vSAN+ to help organizations bring the benefits of the cloud to their existing on-premises infrastructure with no disruption to their workloads or hosts. Introduced at VMworld 2021 as a technology preview known as Project Arctic, these new offerings will help customers enhance their infrastructure by providing centralized cloud-based infrastructure management, integrated Kubernetes, access to new hybrid cloud services, and a flexible subscription model.

'VMware vSphere+ and VMware vSAN+ represent the next major evolution of those foundational solutions that customers know and trust,' said Krish Prasad, senior vice president and general manager for VMware Cloud Platform Business, Cloud Infrastructure Business Group, VMware. 'Wherever customers are on their digital transformation journey and in executing their cloud strategy, vSphere+ and vSAN+ will help accelerate their transformation by bringing the benefits of cloud to their existing on-premises infrastructure and workloads, along with simplified consumption via a flexible subscription model.'

VMware News, June 28th, 2022
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Cisco News
Cisco Helps Service Providers Build A Sustainable Internet For The Future With Advancements To Its Converged Network Solution To Lower Costs
Cisco has enhanced its Routed Optical Networking solution with new products and features that can help customers save up to 45% in power and up to 70% in real estate/space for equipment.
Cisco announced advancements to its Routed Optical Networking solution, delivering on its commitment to redefine the economics of the internet and help communication service providers close the digital divide by connecting more people, places, and things.

Cisco unveiled its technology strategy for the Internet for the Future in December 2019, featuring new silicon, optics, and software to help service providers reduce the costs of building and extending their networks to reach more people. Cisco later announced its ground-breaking Routed Optical Networking architecture in March 2021, featuring converged networking protocols, reduced networking layers, advanced automation tools and simplified network access to foster open networking and prepare for the rise of 5G.

Cisco News, June 27th, 2022
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Cisco Joins Forces With GDIT To Deliver Private 5G To Government Agencies
Together, Cisco and GDIT can provide government agencies with simple and intuitive private 5G solutions for IoT and edge use cases.
Cisco announced its expanded relationship with General Dynamics Information Technology (GDIT), a business unit of General Dynamics (NYSE:GD), to deliver Cisco Private 5G services to a broad set of government entities.

GDIT has been providing comprehensive IT solutions to Federal, State, and Local governments for more than three decades, and has partnered with Cisco since the 1980s to deliver cutting-edge innovation. Combining GDIT's extensive background and close understanding of use cases for government agencies and its expertise in cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, edge computing, and IoT devices with Cisco's secure and reliable private 5G service will provide an end-to-end tailored solution for each customer to achieve its desired mission outcomes.

Cisco News, June 28th, 2022
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Citrix News
10 Reasons To Try Citrix DaaS Standard For Azure
Organizations today are looking for a simple way to deliver apps and desktops on demand, from the cloud, with simplified management and a strong layer of security to keep data safe and off the device
We've designed Citrix DaaS Standard for Azure to directly meet the needs of today's remote work scenarios, enabling your business to expand when needed and giving your people the freedom to work wherever they want with a desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) solution.

Thinking about remote work and how VDI and DaaS might help? Citrix now offers Citrix DaaS Standard for Azure, a simple, easy-to-implement solution that is part of our Citrix DaaS family of cloud services and offers a low cost, secure way to deliver cloud-based Windows or Linux desktops and apps to your workforce. In this blog post, I'm going to cover the Top 10 reasons why customers are choosing Citrix DaaS Standard for Azure as their virtual desktops and apps solution and why you should, too.

Citrix News, June 27th, 2022
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Get Inspired: Microsoft Recognizes Citrix In Partner Of The Year Awards
Citrix is more engaged than ever as one of Microsoft's strongest and most reliable partnerships
Globally we are a leader in driving Azure consumption with our Citrix DaaS solution; a visionary and innovator on the Azure Marketplace platform; and are expanding our services to bring new integrations to Windows 365. It's for these reasons and more that Citrix was named a Finalist for two Microsoft Partner of the Year awards.

Our commitment to Microsoft programs is accelerating value for customers looking to achieve more from their digital transformation. This value extends to customers of all sizes with Citrix DaaS, enabling them to quickly and easily start using powerful tools in a secure hybrid environment. Microsoft is more excited than ever about Citrix because of our ability to help customers migrate effectively to Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365.

Citrix News, June 29th, 2022
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Marc O'Polo Sews Up Future Of Work With Citrix
Fashion label designs digital workspace to enable secure work from anywhere
As one of the world's premium brands for casual wear, Marc O'Polo is always thinking ahead and on top of trends. While many companies viewed the shift to remote work as a pandemic-inspired fad, the Stockholm-based fashion label knew better and began designing a digital workspace that would allow its employees to work from anywhere using solutions from Citrix Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: CTXS).

"Our goal is to create conditions under which our 2,000 employees worldwide can develop their full creativity and work together optimally, wherever they happen to be,' said Matthias Holzner, Manager IT Application & Collaboration, Marc O'Polo.

Citrix News, June 28th, 2022
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Now In Preview: Service Continuity For Chrome OS And Safari For MacOS
It has been a busy Q2 for the service continuity team at Citrix. We have been focused on growing the adoption of the feature in Citrix Cloud and have been working with customers on testing and validation.
With hundreds of customers now taking advantage of service continuity, we even published a companion guide so you can conduct your own testing and simulate different outages.

In this blog post, I'll look the next round of innovation in service continuity.

Citrix and Chrome OS

One of the main advantages Citrix DaaS has over other solutions is its resiliency. Service continuity is our answer to the 'SLA question.' Service continuity was a complete redesign of our Citrix Cloud control plane, with design-for-failure as a guiding principle.

Citrix News, June 30th, 2022
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Supply Chain Delays Put Enterprises On Ransomware Risk Alert
New research reveals majority of large businesses can't replace unsupported hardware, leaving potential vulnerabilities exposed
The continued global supply chain disruption is putting enterprises at increased risk from the likes of ransomware attacks, according to new research from Citrix.

The new study, based on a poll of 200 IT security decision makers in UK businesses employing over 250 people, explored the current supply chain landscape and its potential cyber-security implications.

It has revealed that four in five (80%) security leaders believe that supply chain issues or delays have put their organisation at increased risk from ransomware - for example, by being unable to replace unsupported hardware. A further 70 per cent believe their organisation is being specifically targeted by cyber-attackers in order to gain access to external systems and data, such as those in government or private enterprises.

Citrix News, June 28th, 2022
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What's New With Citrix DaaS And Citrix Virtual Apps And Desktops - June 2022
One of the things I love most about being part of Citrix is the excitement around our latest innovations. It is rewarding to see how our customers leverage them to capture new opportunities to create the next frontier in their digital transformation
In this blog post, I'll share recent enhancements that we've brought to Citrix DaaS and Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops that empower our customers with the flexibility to deliver apps and desktops quickly and securely with our robust desktop as a service (DaaS) and VDI solutions.

We have a lot of exciting enhancements to cover, so use the following links to help you quickly navigate between sections:...

Citrix News, June 28th, 2022
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Dell News
Break Down Data Silos With A Data Lakehouse
This solution provides self-service and on-demand workloads for on-prem/co-lo data lakehouses, supporting BI and ML in one place.
In the data-driven era, you must be able to generate value from all your data capital, from the intelligent edge to core data centers to multiple clouds. But the distributed nature of data can make that complex and costly - setting up barriers to insight and innovation. Traditional data management systems, like data warehouses, have been used for decades to store structured data and make it available for analytics. However, data warehouses aren't set up to handle the increasing variety of data - text, images, video, Internet of Things (IoT) - nor can they support artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) algorithms that require direct access to data.
Dell Technologies, June 27th, 2022
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Data Protection Suite Continues Momentum With Latest Updates
Avamar, NetWorker and Data Protection Advisor headline the latest feature enhancements.
The latest releases of Dell Avamar, NetWorker, Data Protection Advisor and Data Protection Central are now available. The new release adds to a string of new updates and innovations to Dell Data Protection Suite and continues the momentum of the Dell Data Protection software portfolio in the marketplace.

As two of the three data movers in Data Protection Suite, Avamar and NetWorker play critical roles in delivering efficiency, flexibility and reliability to customer data protection operations. These updates maintain that path and represent Dell's ongoing commitment to Data Protection Suite, its components and its thousands of customers.

Dell Technologies, June 29th, 2022
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ESG At Dell Technologies: Our Purpose In Action
Using technology to positively impact our people and the planet is in our DNA, and it's been demonstrated in our purpose for decades.
At Dell Technologies our purpose is to create technologies that drive human progress. Since the day we were founded almost 40 years ago, we have used technology to positively impact people, global communities and the planet. It's in our DNA and it's one of the reasons I joined Dell nine months ago. I believe in the role technology and technologists can play in the world, and Dell's long-term commitments and actions to drive meaningful change.

Real impact doesn't happen without a plan, and Dell has had a plan - for 2020, for 2030, and beyond. And, as this space continues to evolve, we are committed to evolving with it. Our FY22 ESG Report combines Diversity & Inclusion, Supply Chain Responsibility and Progress Made Real metrics, goals and progress into a single report. Our commitment to environmental, social and governance (ESG) is our purpose in action. It brings together who we are with what we do.

Dell Technologies, June 30th, 2022
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Integration-As-A-Service: Transforming The Integration Experience
INaaS is enabling the Dell data ecosystem transformation by revolutionizing the way integration services are offered to users.
Integration as a Service (INaaS) is a Dell Technologies integration service that enables Dell Digital and business teams to build, migrate, monitor and manage a wide range of integration solutions through a unified, easy-to-use, secure and compliant online portal.

Data Integration Platforms (DIP) is an internal organization within Dell Digital which accelerates business outcomes by providing secure, robust & 'as-a-service' platform solutions. These DIP solutions enable the enterprise applications to integrate anything, anywhere and anytime. INaaS plays a key role in facilitating these integration services.

Dell Technologies, June 29th, 2022
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Unique OEM Technology Based On Your Needs
Bring your innovation to life with our unique, customized OEM Solutions.
In an earlier blog, we provided a high-level overview of how Dell Technologies OEM Solutions can make your job easier and bring your product or service to market faster. Today, we'll discuss how our unique, Intel-based OEM solutions are purpose-built to meet your needs right off the shelf.

Ready Designs, Based on your Needs

Many companies claim to listen and act on customer feedback, but how many can provide a concrete example? In our case, OEM product planning experts monitor customer requests daily, observing trends, such as increased requests for specific features, quickly.

Dell Technologies, June 29th, 2022
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HPE News
HPE Adds Even More 'Genius' To Evil Geniuses' Industry Leading Data & Analytics Program
New partnership supercharges Evil Geniuses' data insights and analysis with leading HPE edge-to-cloud tech cutting-edge tech to give organization a competitive edge in competition and talent discovery
HPE announced a new partnership with Evil Geniuses (EG), one of the original and most iconic professional esports organizations, to deliver cutting-edge technology to advance EG's journey as a leading gaming entertainment brand. This multi-year agreement will allow Evil Geniuses to augment its data analytics capabilities with HPE's industry-leading artificial intelligence (AI) services and solutions to accelerate and develop its player talent pipeline and identify winning gameplay strategies. Over time this multi-year project will also integrate HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud capabilities and advisory services to power additional advanced AI innovations focused on player performance and enhancement of Evil Geniuses' speed, agility, and competitive stance.
HPE News, June 28th, 2022
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HPE Expands Compute Portfolio With New Servers Based On Cloud-Native Silicon
HPE becomes first tier-one server provider to offer compute with optimized cloud-native silicon for service providers and enterprises embracing cloud-native development
HPE announced that it is the first major server provider to deliver a new line of cloud-native compute solutions using processors from Ampere. The new HPE solutions provide service providers and enterprises embracing cloud-native development with an agile, extensible, and trusted compute foundation to drive innovation.

Available in Q3 2022, the new HPE ProLiant RL300 Gen11 server is the first in a series of HPE ProLiant RL Gen11 servers that deliver next-generation compute performance with higher power efficiency using Ampere Altra and Ampere Altra Max cloud-native processors.

HPE News, June 28th, 2022
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HPE Greenlake Advances Hybrid Cloud Experience With Modern Private Cloud And New Cloud Services
HPE GreenLake has emerged as the go-to destination for hybrid cloud, and our industry-leading catalog of cloud services enable organizations to drive data-first modernization for all their workloads, across edge to cloud
HPE unveiled platform enhancements and new cloud services for HPE GreenLake, the company's flagship offering that enables organizations to modernize all their applications and data. This includes a reimagined modern private cloud that provides a cloud-native experience to power an organization's hybrid strategy, regardless of location. In addition, HPE unveiled eight new HPE GreenLake cloud services, giving customers more choice, control, and predictability for their enterprise cloud delivery.
HPE News, June 28th, 2022
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HPE Pointnext Helps Customers Accelerate Data-First Modernization
Modernizing legacy IT and data architectures to deliver cloud agility to business-critical applications and data sets while controlling risk and cost
Here at HPE Discover, the conversation has been all about data-first modernization. Every business and IT leader I talk with wants to get to better quality data and insights, faster - and act on them to drive their business forward.

Inevitably, this discussion turns to how you can modernize legacy IT and data architectures to deliver cloud agility to business-critical applications and data sets while controlling risk and cost.

I'm excited to announce that we're launching new and advisory and professional services to help our customers address several critical areas of data-first modernization.

HPE News, June 28th, 2022
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Modernize Your Enterprise With Data Services That Deliver Cloud Operations Everywhere
New HPE GreenLake cloud services and platform enhancements are designed to help customers reduce data management complexity and embrace the cloud operational model
Data is the lifeforce of the modern enterprise. And with applications and data spread across on-premises, edge, co-locations, and the public cloud, it is more important than ever for IT leaders to deliver cloud experiences to end-users, everywhere. To accelerate their transformation and innovate faster, organizations must become data-first.

HPE has been helping customers accelerate their IT modernization journeys with a data-first approach for some time now. And we're not slowing down.

HPE News, June 28th, 2022
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Lenovo News
Lenovo Recognized As The Winner Of 2022 Microsoft Device Partner Of The Year
The company was honored among a global field of top Microsoft partners for demonstrating excellence in innovation and implementation of customer solutions based on Microsoft technology.
'I am excited and proud that Lenovo has been recognized as Microsoft's Device Partner of the Year. This award is a testament to both companies' shared commitment in delivering industry-leading services for our customers.' said Ken Wong, Executive Vice President of Lenovo, and President of Lenovo Solutions and Services Group. 'With our partners, Lenovo works tirelessly to help businesses leverage our end-to-end capabilities - from device to the cloud - to transform their visions into reality.'
Lenovo News, June 29th, 2022
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Work For Humankind: World Of Possibilities Opens Up For Remote Island With Lenovo Technology
Work for Humankind enables Lenovo to support ongoing conservation work from one of the world's most far-flung workspaces on Robinson Crusoe Island through lasting technology solutions
As part of its landmark partnership with Island Conservation and the Robinson Crusoe Island community, Lenovo reveals the next stage of its Work for Humankind project: critical pieces of smarter technology installed throughout the island will become permanent fixtures to leave a lasting legacy and stronger connectivity on an island that's home to one of the world's most diverse ecosystems.

Bridging the digital divide, a previously isolated island of 900 people will now remain connected to the world through Lenovo technology to open new possibilities for tourism, trade, employment, and education, increasing its environmental and economic resilience. For the first time ever, this remote island community has self-determined, equitable access to the internet. This is their most important advancement regarding connectivity in more than 20 years.

Lenovo News, June 27th, 2022
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Nutanix News
From Scholarship Recipient To Nutanix Software Engineer
Proud to call herself a woman in engineering, Nađa (Nadja) Gavrilović was recently hired as a full-time engineer for our team in Serbia after previously being awarded one of our Nutanix .heart Advancing Women in Technology (AWIT) Scholarships.
We spoke with Na&#273;a about her new hire experience at Nutanix, the impact of receiving the AWIT scholarship, and her transition from student to full-time employee at Nutanix.

Share with us your role at Nutanix?

I recently joined the Nutanix team as a software engineer. I work with an amazing Serbian team of engineers developing new platforms and solutions. I'm very proud of it.

Nutanix News, June 28th, 2022
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The Power Of Partner Ecosystems
Technology ecosystems are gaining in strategic value across customers, partners, and vendors alike - and the reason is simple.
Customers need to unlock innovation from their IT investments, and they will need a diverse stack of technologies to work well together to achieve their goals.

That's why HPE and Nutanix established a strategic partnership, to help our joint customers achieve their cloud, digital transformation, and operational excellence goals.

Today, Nutanix is honored to be awarded the 2022 HPE GreenLake Ecosystem Partner of the Year. It is the culmination of the past three years of teamwork, solution innovation, and most importantly - customer value creation.

Nutanix News, June 28th, 2022
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Oracle News
Celebrating HR Heroes Around The World
As the pandemic disrupted workers across every industry, organizations around the world turned to their HR leaders to help weather the storm
And HR leaders have risen to the challenge, working tirelessly to ensure employees could stay productive, happy and safe.

In addition to the ever-evolving work environments, employee needs and values are continuously changing. Over the past few years, we've seen a renewed focus on skills, wellness and mental health, diversity and inclusion, and overall employee experience.

Oracle News, June 28th, 2022
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Commvault And Oracle Partner To Deliver Metallic Data Management As A Service On Oracle Cloud Infrastructure To Accelerate Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Adoption
OCI coupled with Metallic data management as a service (DMaaS) enables enterprise customers to protect and secure their data against threats, adhere to local data residency laws, and ease data management and recovery
Commvault, a global enterprise leader in intelligent data services across on-premises, cloud, and SaaS environments, has expanded its strategic partnership with Oracle to include Metallic DMaaS on Oracle Cloud. As part of Commvault's multi-cloud strategy, Metallic's industry-leading services will be offered on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and available in all commercial OCI regions globally.
Oracle News, June 29th, 2022
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Destination Retailer, Event Network Taps Oracle Retail To Engage Customers Throughout Each Store
Mobile Point-of-Service arms store associates to better help customers get what they need throughout the store and checkout faster
Event Network is a leading operator of gift shops for aquariums, zoos, museums, science centers, botanical gardens, and other highly regarded cultural attractions. To better serve guests and these unique destinations, the company is upgrading its existing Oracle Retail Xstore Point-of-Service (POS) and adopting Oracle Retail Xstore Office cloud services. With the mobile retail POS, dynamic currency conversion and a checkout process, store associates are better equipped to help assist guests throughout their shopping journey as they discover meaningful items and mementos to commemorate their visit.
Oracle News, June 30th, 2022
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New Netsuite Program Rewards Customers And Community For Peer Referral
We are lucky to have a highly engaged community of customers, partners and independent consultants that know our product inside and out.
This community has experienced the benefits of NetSuite firsthand, and often advocates on our behalf, recommending our products to peers at other organizations.

To recognize and reward our community, I'm excited to announce a new referral program, SuiteReferral. The new program offers rewards and exclusive benefits to organizations that invite peers to join the NetSuite community, with no costs attached or ongoing requirements for membership.

Oracle News, June 28th, 2022
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Oracle Becomes First Hyperscaler To Open A Cloud Region In Mexico
39th cloud region continues Oracle's momentum in expanding its global cloud region footprint
Public and private organizations from sectors including telecommunications, financial services, and the public sector will benefit from Oracle Cloud Infrastructure's price-performance, built-in security, and disaster recovery capabilities

Underscoring Oracle's commitment to sustainability across its worldwide cloud regions, the new region in Queretaro will be powered with 100 percent renewable energy by 2025

Oracle News, June 30th, 2022
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Oracle Named Overall Digital Innovation Award Winner By Ventana Research
15th Annual Digital Innovation Award selects Oracle ME as most innovative product of the year
Oracle has been named the overall winner of Ventana Research's 15th Annual Digital Innovation Awards for its Oracle ME employee experience platform.

The Digital Innovation Awards highlight technology providers that exemplify innovation and strive to create solutions that improve people, processes, information, and technology. This awards program recognizes achievements in innovation across the entire technology industry, including analytics, customer experience, data, digital business, digital technology, human capital management, marketing, office of finance, office of revenue, and operations and supply chain.

Oracle News, June 29th, 2022
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Oracle Payment Cloud Service Lets Restaurants Accept All Major Payment Options And Eliminate Hidden Fees
With a fixed fee rate and no long-term contract, new payment processing service enables restaurants to avoid excessive costs while giving diners choice in how they pay
The accelerated use of digital payments has created more options for diners, but also complexity and cost for restaurants. Eliminating this headache, Oracle today announced the Oracle Food and Beverage Payment Cloud Service. With the service, restaurants in the US can now accept the latest in contactless payment options, including debit/credit cards and Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay, without hidden fees and unpredictable costs. Unlike some other solutions on the market, Payment Cloud Service offers transparent, fixed fee rate pricing with no long-term contract or monthly minimum requirements. And as the service runs on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), it has high security standards, end-to-end encryption, and is PCI/DSS compliant. This means restaurants can give their customers choice in how they pay, all while operating with predictable payment processing costs that support a healthier bottom line.
Oracle News, June 28th, 2022
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Oracle Scales Up Billing For 10 Million Enterprise Accounts
Billing performance test demonstrates high throughput and processing efficiency of Oracle Cloud Scale Billing on OCI, reducing bill run time by 94%
Communications service providers (CSPs) are quickly upgrading their billing systems to monetize growing demand for enterprise services including 5G-enabled internet of things (IoT) solutions. To succeed, CSPs will have to scale to concurrently support multiple pricing and payment models across large employee bases or millions of IoT devices.

Helping CSPs address these demands, the Oracle Communications Cloud Scale Billing solution was recently put to the test. Running on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and using Oracle Container Engine for Kubernetes (OKE), the solution completed a bill run for 10 million accounts across eight representative CSP enterprise customers in 4.5 hours. Oracle achieved a processing throughput of 2.29 million accounts billed per hour and 680,000 accounts invoiced in eight minutes, representing a 94% reduction in bill run completion time.

Oracle News, June 30th, 2022
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Utilities Worldwide Supercharge Operations With Oracle Cloud
Water and electric utilities adopt Oracle cloud solutions to get up and running faster, automate data management, and boost customer service
Utilities are rapidly adopting Oracle Utilities Cloud applications to improve customer service, billing, asset management, meter management, and other essential services. Today, more than 210 utilities are serving 107 million households and nearly 10 million smart meters worldwide with Oracle Energy and Water cloud solutions.

Oracle Cloud for Utilities solutions include Oracle Utilities Customer Cloud Service, Oracle Utilities Billing Cloud Service, Oracle Customer Experience for Utilities, Oracle Utilities Work and Asset Cloud Service, Oracle Opower solutions, and more. Visit here to learn more.

Oracle News, June 28th, 2022
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Red Hat News
Red Hat Shares - Get Started With Cloud Services
In the last issue of Red Hat Shares, we introduced you to the basics of cloud services―what they are, what they do, who uses them and how they benefit organizations.
Now let's dig a little deeper and put the concept of cloud services into practice. (What better way to learn than to do, right?) In this issue, we'll explain how to use cloud, application and data services&#8213;as well as hosted tools&#8213;in our console, take you down a few cloud services-related learning paths, give you some tips when making cloud service provider choices and walk through how three companies have benefited from cloud services.
Red Hat News, June 29th, 2022
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Friday Five - July 1, 2022
The Friday Five is a weekly Red Hat blog post with 5 of the week's top news items and ideas from or about Red Hat and the technology industry. Consider it your weekly digest of things that caught our eye.
  • Expanding U.S. healthcare travel benefits for access several healthcare services
  • CRN - Red Hat To Offer Pay-Per-Use OpenShift On HPE GreenLake
  • Red Hat Shares - Get started with cloud services
  • Red Hat Learning Community celebrates 100,000 members
  • Customer success stories: reducing costs and risks while increasing flexibility, scalability and productivity with Red Hat solutions and services

Read on for details

Red Hat News, July 1st, 2022
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Harvard Business Review Analytics Services Report - Digital Transformation Refocused: New Goals Require New Strategies
The Covid-19 pandemic has been a catalyst for many organizations in their digital transformations, leading companies to expedite technology initiatives, design dramatic changes to processes and reexamine culture and the role it plays in today's new business world.
As some organizations find success in their digital transformation strategies, they are able to provide additional bandwidth to their teams to focus on improving customer experience through the collection and analysis of data.

Successful digital transformation allows for mistakes, encourages transparency and supports open communication. If new initiatives fail, retrospectives need to be encouraged at both the team and organization level. A lack of institutionalized open communication strategies will prevent the organization from learning, evolving and gaining strength through these failures. It's important to celebrate success and learning and invest in the employees and partners of the organization.

Red Hat News, June 30th, 2022
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How Is Red Hat Addressing The Demand To Develop Offerings More Securely?
The IT industry not only looked very different 20 years ago, product security looked very different as well.
Open source software wasn't mainstream and the majority of vendors had full control and secrecy over their product code.

Today, however, almost every software vendor contributes to and incorporates open source software within their product or managed service (herein called "offerings"), but does this impact the security of these offerings? In particular, what is Red Hat doing to demonstrate that our offerings are developed in a secure manner and provide trustworthy solutions? Red Hat, like other software vendors, continues to monitor and participate in developing solutions which meet emerging market requirements, customer demand and ongoing cybersecurity requirements issued by governments around the world.

Red Hat News, July 1st, 2022
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The Experience Of Bringing Openssl 3.0 Into Red Hat Enterprise Linux And Fedora
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 (RHEL 9) ships with OpenSSL 3.0, a core operating system (OS) library that has been in the making for quite a while. This was a long and involved process for a variety of reasons.
What's the big deal, why wasn't this just a normal package update? The previous major stable version was OpenSSL 1.1 and there is no 2.0 in the middle. The OpenSSL team decided to make an explicit jump in numbering to highlight that this new version included major structural, and more importantly, application programming interface (API) and application binary interface (ABI) changes compared to previous OpenSSL versions.

These changes affect applications that use the library in direct ways, sometimes by breaking compilation, and often in subtle ways by changing how the library behaves in some situations.

Red Hat News, June 27th, 2022
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