Combining Networking and Security with Secure SD-WAN for Retailers
Fortinet News, June 2nd , 2021
June 2, 2021,
Volume 279, Issue 1

Anyone who has ever worked in retail is familiar with the saying 'the customer is always right'

"And in today's omnichannel retail environment, it might be more accurate to say, "the customer always has choices." Because there are so many options available for consumers to interact with retailers today, the implications of not delivering consistent, secure, 'always on' experiences are more profound than ever.

Protecting Retailers Against Advanced Threats

Customers interact via online and digital channels with retail businesses every day; whether making purchases, browsing inventory, or checking on the status of an order. And the moment a business' website or mobile-app isn't available, or the experience is degraded, that customer may simply move on..."

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