Global Study: Adoption of AI Will Fundamentally Change the Next Generation of Finance Leaders
Oracle News, June 1st , 2021
June 1, 2021,
Volume 279, Issue 1

Employees have been under immense pressure over the past year to help their organizations navigate the crisis, and they're finding a new ally in robots to help them better manage their companies' finances

"To explore the impact of technology on the future of the finance profession, we partnered with finance expert Farnoosh Torabi to survey more than 9,000 consumers and business leaders across 14 countries.

The research found that younger employees are facing intense financial stress and anxiety caused by COVID-19. For example, 97 percent of Gen Z employees say that managing their organization's finances scares them, and more than half of younger employees (52 percent of Gen Z and 53 percent of Millennials) are losing sleep at night thinking about their business' budget..."

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