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Cybersecurity threats for autonomous vehicles are rapidly evolving. Here's what manufacturers can do to avoid them

"Remember in 2014 when millions of people woke up to find a U2 album on their devices, which they hadn't downloaded? A lot of people were rightly annoyed about it. They thought they were the ones who controlled what was installed and downloaded onto their phones - so it was quite unsettling to realise that it could be manipulated by third parties. We saw the same thing happen this year, but with darker implications, when users received a system update with malware which was downloaded to their Android devices automatically.

What if that happened to your car? We tend to think of a car as a closed unit, where the driver is in control and responsible for driving. But imagine if someone hacked your car and turned up the radio so loud that you couldn't think or concentrate? Or they switched on your hazard signals without your consent? Or, even worse, they deactivated your autonomous driving software, so the car couldn't detect obstacles or pedestrians?..."

New PowerEdge servers purpose-built for edge and telecom environments

"Dell Technologies is your innovation engine, offering distinctive servers for distinctive needs.

Imagine that you were in a data center ten years ago, and while looking at the servers, you recognized that they were essentially built on the same technologies.

They all came with similar CPUs, similar memory, and similar drives. They even all came in similar form factors. Your server environments were largely homogeneous - and with the advent of virtualization, they became even more homogeneous because one virtual machine was essentially just like another virtual machine.

However, in today's world, a homogeneous server environment is an obstacle to success..."

Join our online support panel of experts LIVE on Thursday, July 29 at 11:00 AM CST to discuss the latest in Cybersecurity IQ for hardware and software with CloudIQ

"We welcome you to join our upcoming webinar, which will include a live panel of top Dell Technologies experts on Thursday, July 29 at 11:00 AM CST to discover the latest in cybersecurity for hardware and software portals. We will discuss how recent cybersecurity technology with CloudIQ can enhance your hardware, as well as features recently added to our Online Support Portal to provide greater control over access to your account information.

Enhanced security is obtained not only through updated hardware and software, but also best practices and usability research. The latter has enabled us to optimize the functionality and your customer experience that ultimately provides you with premium data protection. This webinar will provide a brief discussion on these topics, followed by a Q&A session..."

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