Automotive Manufacturers Start Thinking Seriously About Cybersecurity
Dell News, July 13th, 2021
July 13, 2021,
Volume 280, Issue 2

Cybersecurity threats for autonomous vehicles are rapidly evolving. Here's what manufacturers can do to avoid them

"Remember in 2014 when millions of people woke up to find a U2 album on their devices, which they hadn't downloaded? A lot of people were rightly annoyed about it. They thought they were the ones who controlled what was installed and downloaded onto their phones - so it was quite unsettling to realise that it could be manipulated by third parties. We saw the same thing happen this year, but with darker implications, when users received a system update with malware which was downloaded to their Android devices automatically.

What if that happened to your car? We tend to think of a car as a closed unit, where the driver is in control and responsible for driving. But imagine if someone hacked your car and turned up the radio so loud that you couldn't think or concentrate? Or they switched on your hazard signals without your consent? Or, even worse, they deactivated your autonomous driving software, so the car couldn't detect obstacles or pedestrians?..."

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