Beating Cybercriminals At Their Own Game With AI Technology
Fortinet News, July 14th, 2021
July 16, 2021,
Volume 280, Issue 2

Artificial intelligence (AI) technology is a powerful technology, and because of this, it holds great potential for exploitation by cybercriminals

"Considering this, the only way that security leaders can stay ahead of bad actors is by gaining a true understanding of how this technology can be weaponized. Then, they can begin to develop effective strategies for confronting AI threats head-on.

Malicious Uses of AI Technology

As AI grows in adoption and sophistication, cybercriminals are looking for ways to seize upon its potential. The Electronic Frontier Foundation was already warning about potential malicious uses of AI back in 2018, including threats to digital, physical, and political security. And now, AI precursors combined with swarm technology can be used to infiltrate a network and steal data..."

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