Americans Eager To Get Back To Theme Parks As COVID Restrictions Ease
Oracle News, July 14th, 2021
July 14, 2021,
Volume 280, Issue 2

Research from Oracle and Merlin Entertainments, operator of LEGOLAND, shows US consumers ready to cut the screen time and get back to their favorite theme park attractions and treats

"New research shows that Americans are ready to put down the phone and pursue some in-person theme park adventures. Consumer confidence jumped from 68% to 80% from May and June, with people noting they are 'optimistic' about the prospect of spending quality time with families and friends at their favorite leisure attractions.

The survey also shows that people increasingly want to book ahead not only to have an outing to look forward to, but to also enhance the safety and convenience of the trip. This includes everything from planning and paying for activities to ordering food and drinks in advance..."

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