Cisco Commits To Net Zero Greenhouse Gas Emissions By 2040
Cisco News, September 9th, 2021
September 9, 2021,
Volume 282, Issue 2

Answering the call to limit global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees C above pre-industrial levels, Cisco pledges to accelerate companywide strategies to greatly reduce carbon emissions across its value chain

Cisco announced that it is committing to reaching net zero for greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions across all scopes by 2040, 10 years ahead of when climate scientists say the planet must reach net zero to avoid the worst impacts of climate change. Cisco's net zero goal will be supported by ambitious near-term targets, including to reach net zero for all global Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions by 2025.

Other near-term targets will cover key Scope 3 categories for Cisco, such as use of sold products and supply chain emissions, and will be made public as they are finalized later in 2021. The new greenhouse gas reduction goals will follow the latest climate science, and Cisco will report progress on these targets in its annual Corporate Social Responsibility Impact Report.

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