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This report examines the unspoken connections between the Russian Federation (in the form of Russian intelligence services or the Kremlin) and cybercriminals in Russia and Eastern Europe

Sources include the Recorded Future Platform as well as other dark web and open sources. The report will be of interest to threat researchers, as well as law enforcement, government, and defense organizations.

Executive Summary

​The intersection of individuals in the Russian cybercriminal world and officials in the Russian government, typically from the domestic law enforcement or intelligence services, is well established yet highly diffuse. The relationships in this ecosystem are based on spoken and unspoken agreements and comprise fluid associations.

Our guest this week is Gunter Ollmann, chief security officer at security analytics firm Devo

"Gunter shares his insights on the history and evolution of security analytics, the challenges organizations face when implementing them, the network effects of cloud migration, as well as strategies for making the case to the organizational powers that be that security analytics are a wise investment..."

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