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Kids and families are spending more time online than ever before. The internet can be a truly valuable resource for kids, as it provides educational material, fun games, and ways to connect with friends.

"However, it can also be a playground for things like cyberbullying, malicious content, and bad actors who seek to prey on kids and their families for things such as identity theft, criminal activity, and more.

So just like wearing bike helmets and seatbelts, we need to practice good cyber hygiene skills when we're online to ensure we stay protected..."

Taking A Platform Approach To Zero Trust
Fortinet News, October 7th, 2021
When it comes to security and networking, the two biggest challenges are complexity and visibility

"Many organizations have countless solutions that they are trying to get to play nice with one another. And it doesn't always work out very well. So when leadership (or the President of the United States) says you need to implement a zero trust architecture, many might grown with concerns. And if you're using incompatible products from multiple vendors that have multiple dashboards and challenging integrations, you can easily end up with a deployment so complex that it doesn't work with the systems you already have. In this scenario, that collective groan is quite justified.

As you embark on your zero trust journey, taking a platform approach and choosing solutions that are integrated by design will be much easier to deploy, configure, and maintain. That's why the Fortinet Security Fabric exists. Not only does it make it possible for Fortinet products to work together, it's an open ecosystem that includes a wide variety of vendors. This allows you to build one broad, integrated, and automated platform that includes a mixture of solutions that enable your network to easily change and expand alongside your business..."

Not all heroes wear capes. Many work quietly and diligently behind the scenes, amassing evidence and uncovering clues until there's enough to go on to take the enemy down.

"Just like detective work, cybercrime defenders use similar tactics to chase cybercriminals, getting into their minds and following their actions to beat them at their own game.

We are seeing an increase in effective and destructive cyberattacks affecting thousands of organizations in a single incident creating an important inflection point for the war on cybercrime. In the case of ransomware, some operators are shifting their strategy away from email-initiated payloads to focusing on gaining and selling initial access into corporate networks further showing the continued evolution of Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) fueling cybercrime. This means even ransomware is about much more than just ransom, it can also be about access. In fact, recent data from Fortinet's FortiGuard Labs shows that the average weekly ransomware activity in June 2021 was more than 10x higher than one year ago. This shows us a consistent and overall significant increase over a one-year period. According to Fortinet's State of Ransomware survey, it has become the top threat concern for many organizations today..."

As organizations adapt to rapidly changing business requirements, cloud adoption has soared

"As part of the cloud migration journey, security teams are faced with the challenge of protecting hybrid or multi-cloud environments, as well as securing data spread across network devices and applications. For organizations using the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform, Fortinet offers various native integrations and solutions to further secure AWS workloads.

Whether you're expanding your AWS footprint, securing hybrid-cloud assets, or currently migrating to AWS, security should remain top of mind rather than an afterthought. Business and technology leaders know their most valuable assets-applications and data- are vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Fortinet's Adaptive Cloud Security solutions delivers advanced security to protect these business-critical assets..."

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