Leave Lost PC Security Worries Behind With HP Wolf Protect And Trace Service
HP News, October 7th, 2021
October 7, 2021,
Volume 283, Issue 1

With the hybrid workforce here to stay for many companies, employees are working from more diverse locations than ever before. This makes it critical for IT to have the right security in place to protect employee devices and sensitive company data.

"The true risk with a lost or stolen PC isn't just the hardware cost and lost productivity. The average cost of data breach from a lost or stolen laptop has surpassed $4 million globally and can top over $9 million in the US.1 Malicious actors can wreak havoc on your corporate network and gain access to valuable company IP faster than it typically takes an organization to identify and contain a breach, which is over nine and a half months.

Hybrid work environments will only continue to exacerbate this threat. With the reality of only 1 in 3 remote workers having a dedicated home office space,3 and the expanded availability of public internet access expected over the next four years, a recent HP Wolf Security study found that 81% of IT managers feel that the flexibility allowed by remote work significantly increases the threat of corporate network breaches.5 But what if your IT team had a way to stop a breach on a missing device in its tracks, or prevent it before it even had a chance to begin?..."

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