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COVID-19: A Disruptor And A Navigator
SAP News, October 8th, 2021
Without question, COVID-19 is a disruptor that is challenging organizations and employees alike

"It is also an unprecedented test and navigator to every aspect of how we live and how we build a successful future of work. Marking World Mental Health Day on October 10 is a good reminder to prioritize our holistic well-being - as individuals and organizations.

Mapping the Course in Uncharted Waters

The world we currently work and live in is mostly uncharted. As humans, we like to stay in our comfort zone and these enforced changes to societal living are causing stress for many. While employee stress poses a real risk for organizations, finding the best strategies as organizations and individuals to cope with stress is also an opportunity to explore and shape the future of work..."

With a background in operations and finance, I've always viewed business decisions through the lens of data and rigorous analysis.

"Emotion seldom enters into the calculations when the equation involves enterprise software. After all, isn't operations management an extension of engineering?

That's what I thought until COVID-19 changed everything.

In March 2020, the pandemic reshaped all our lives. It also happens to be when I began leading SAP's global customer satisfaction efforts. Suddenly, for many businesses, digital infrastructure meant the difference between continuity and calamity. The pandemic thrust our SAP customer teams into helping to resolve some of the toughest challenges any of us had ever encountered. But how well suited are quantitative-oriented business leaders to respond with the empathy needed to match the moment?..."

Recently, SAP collaborated with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and the London Design Festival to bring back The Circular Design Project, a curated selection of talks, panel discussions, seminars, and supporting resources that equip the design community with the tools to drive positive environmental and social impact

"During the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) week, we offered three online sessions focused on the role of design in reducing waste and greenhouse gas emissions. These sessions gave leaders from every industry and corner of the globe the opportunity to work together on solutions that will not only reduce negative environmental impacts, but redesign entire systems to improve the health and well-being of our planet.

Ahead of this event, Scott Russell, member of the Executive Board of SAP SE and head of Customer Success, Ben Evans, London Design Festival director, and Joe Iles, Circular Design lead at Ellen MacArthur Foundation, came together to discuss the vital roles that regenerative business, innovative technology, and industry collaborations play in engaging the world's global design community to deliver the circular economy.

Here is a condensed version of their conversation..."

The pandemic has upended life - professionally and personally - and driven massive technological change over the past 18 months.

"Who knew the world would embrace new terms like 'zooming,' mRNA, and contact-tracing, while flex-scheduling has caused many businesses to think very differently about what being a digital enterprise really means.

In today's business landscape, access to high-quality data is no longer enough for companies to innovate; it is the ability to quickly respond to changing dynamics that allows enterprises to thrive. This agility to address market and global disruptions, such as changing customer needs and behaviors and evolving employee requirements, is a key indicator of future success and applies equally to small businesses and international enterprises..."

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