COVID-19: A Disruptor And A Navigator
SAP News, October 8th, 2021
October 8, 2021,
Volume 283, Issue 1

Without question, COVID-19 is a disruptor that is challenging organizations and employees alike

"It is also an unprecedented test and navigator to every aspect of how we live and how we build a successful future of work. Marking World Mental Health Day on October 10 is a good reminder to prioritize our holistic well-being - as individuals and organizations.

Mapping the Course in Uncharted Waters

The world we currently work and live in is mostly uncharted. As humans, we like to stay in our comfort zone and these enforced changes to societal living are causing stress for many. While employee stress poses a real risk for organizations, finding the best strategies as organizations and individuals to cope with stress is also an opportunity to explore and shape the future of work..."

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