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Closing In On Telecom's Open Future
Dell News, November 18th, 2021
With the proliferation of global 5G availability, a new era of telecommunications is being brought into existence. Communication Service Providers (CSPs) have a once in a decade opportunity to go beyond connectivity and deliver a host of new services to enterprises across every industry

"While 5G is the focal point for this new chapter in telecom's history, the network transformation taking place to enable its application is equally important - perhaps even more so.

New territory means new complexity

To capitalize on the potential of 5G, the telecom industry must overcome deep technical and strategic challenges including:..."

Giving Tuesday: You Trade In One, We Give One
Dell News, November 18th, 2021
With the holiday giving season approaching, we are supporting access to technology for those who need it most to open doors to opportunities for the future, for everyone.

"The holiday season always makes me think about what I have to be thankful for - my family, our health and a job where I can drive positive change top the list. While the pandemic and the impacts it has had on society aren't in the rearview mirror yet, I am hopeful and optimistic about the opportunities ahead, specifically in the areas where I can help make a difference. At Dell Technologies, we've always focused on using our technology to deliver access to opportunity, but with the disparity between those with access and those without more visible than ever, we are even more driven to make a meaningful difference for those who need it most..."

HPC At The Edge ... Of The Parking Lot
Dell News, November 18th, 2021
The Dell Technologies Rattler supercomputer is a TOP500 system deployed in a modular data center in the company parking lot.

"The Rattler supercomputer at the Dell Technologies Edge Innovation Center has earned yet another claim to fame. The high performance computing (HPC) system, stemming from a partnership with NVIDIA, placed at No. 233 on the latest TOP500 list of the world's fastest supercomputers.

While that distinction alone shows that we're talking about a world-class HPC system, this story gets even better when you consider that part of the Rattler cluster is in a modular data center in the parking lot of a Dell Technologies building in Austin, Texas. That makes Rattler truly HPC at the physical edge..."

Join us in our Open Telecom Ecosystem Lab, the door is open and we're ready to play whenever you are.

"At an early age, we learn the importance of playing well together with everyone in the sandbox. Then as we grow older, the number of people we invite into our sandbox grows smaller even as our world grows larger. This new sandbox is familiar, comfortable and secure. But it doesn't lead to great discoveries or new partnerships.

The future of global communications requires a bigger sandbox and a lot more people in it digging for solutions. The 5G services of tomorrow won't be delivered by any single company. They will require new partnerships that bring together operators, equipment vendors, hardware and software companies and other businesses to build the next generation of mobile services, from autonomous vehicles to augmented reality..."

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