DARKReading: Monitoring and Securing Remote and Work-From-Home Environments (Feb. 2nd)
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France's national HPC centers gain significantly powerful supercomputer using advanced high performance computing and AI solutions to make breakthrough discoveries in medicine, energy, and materials science

HPE announced that it is building one of Europe's most powerful supercomputers to be installed and operated at CINES (National Computing Center for Higher Education), which is one of the three high performance computing (HPC) centers in France. The new supercomputer was procured by GENCI, a national French agency which invests and provides HPC resources to support France's academic and industrial research communities.

Are decentralized clouds the answer to the widening digital divide? Xavier explores a new model that gives everyone equal access to data

"Data isn't just bits and bytes of information that is stored in or used by computers.

It is the currency that is driving the digital economy. And a lack of easy access to this data is further widening the digital divide, broadening the stark realization that the world is separated into two distinct camps: the 'haves' and the 'have-nots.'

As illustrated by the world's response to COVID-19, the 'haves' were those countries that leveraged advanced technologies and ubiquitous access to data that enabled millions to benefit from remote work, telemedicine and access to vaccines that saved or enhanced countless lives..."

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