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This past year, COVID-19 showed us that small businesses are resilient and an essential part of our economy. They provide opportunities for entrepreneurs, foster local economies, and support neighborhoods and communities

I joined Lenovo as the CMO of the Personal Computing business this past August. Before joining Lenovo, I founded Tankee-a parent-approved destination for kids to watch family-friendly gaming videos. As an entrepreneur, I can empathize with the struggles of these small business owners, especially minority-owned business owners who face even greater hardships and obstacles.

Evolve Small, Lenovo's initiative to support small businesses, was launched earlier this year to provide resources to SMBs recovering from the impact of COVID-19. The initiative celebrates small business owners all while providing mentorship resources from industry experts, community support and financial aid. Lenovo has committed $1 million in grant funding and business development to help BIPOC-owned small businesses bounce back from the pandemic.

Efforts to increase diversity in a corporation are not new, and the payoff of creating a diverse and inclusive workforce has been shown time and time again

While many companies can agree on how a diverse and inclusive workforce functions overall, they often overlook a key question: On which teams and in which processes can diverse perspectives have the biggest impact? While Lenovo has focused its 2025 representation goals on diverse leadership, Jason Friday, Senior Counsel for Lenovo, has taken a different approach by measuring diversity by going straight to the place that defines new ideas: the patent program.

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