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Best Practices For Robust Identity Management
Recorded News, November 17th, 2021
Strong identity authentication is more important than ever before as organizations face an expanding threat landscape and unprecedented level of attacks.

This is further compounded with the rapid growth in remote work and digital interactions across multiple channels, as it introduces new challenges for security and IT teams responsible for securing their employees' and customers' identities. In short, verifying user identities and controlling access to sensitive data is critical, but difficult to achieve.

This report provides a high-level overview of cyber threats affecting veteran charity organizations in 2021 to include analysis of sample malicious domains, who is affected, and what individuals can do to protect themselves and others from falling for these types of scams

Veterans and their charitable donors have become the targets of many types of financial scam operations in recent years. These operations benefit from two emotional avenues by which to exploit victims: veterans struggling to support themselves, and those who wish to help veterans through charitable giving. Per Recorded Future data, we have found that veterans and their supporters are likely targeted by scams or spam associated with newly registered domains. We also identified an example of a scam operation called Protect Our Veterans SP, which uses several vectors to target veterans and their supporters, including fake charity, political action committee (PAC), and job scams. Finally, through psycholinguistic analysis, we have identified words, phrases, and syntax used on scam sites that indicate malicious intent by scam operators. To help those seeking to help veterans avoid falling prey to these operations, we offer several recommendations, such as how to research charitable organizations effectively and how to spot potential scams or spam based on their language and platform

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