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Implementing ANSSI security recommendations for RHEL 7 and 8
Red Hat News, November 18th, 2021
November 18, 2021,
Volume 284, Issue 3

Maintaining security for Linux systems can be a complex task, especially as your number of servers and applications increases

"The SCAP Security Guide, which is used in various Red Hat technologies like Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), Red Hat Insights and Red Hat Satellite, can help you maintain system compliance with select security baselines.

In this post, we'll share some details about the SCAP profiles for ANSSI-BP-028, a guideline published by Agence nationale de la securite des systemes d'information (ANSSI), the French National Information Security Agency, and how you use them to assist in hardening your RHEL 7 and 8 environments..."

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