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160+ Gaming and Studio Laptop Designs, GeForce RTX 3080 Ti for Laptops and RTX 3050 for Desktops; More Electronic Arts Games, Samsung TVs and AT Omniverse Extended to Millions of Creators

NVIDIA set out the next direction of the ultimate platform for gamers and creators, unveiling more than 160 gaming and Studio GeForce-based laptop designs, as well as new desktop and laptop GeForce RTX GPUs and technologies.

The company also announced new RTX-accelerated content, and the expansion of both GeForce NOW cloud gaming and the NVIDIA Studio ecosystem, including the launch of NVIDIA Omniverse for creators.

GFN Thursday brings announcements from CES, including two more EA titles; plus eight games coming to the cloud in January.

GeForce NOW is charging into the new year at full force.

This GFN Thursday comes with the news that Genshin Impact, the popular open-world action role-playing game, will be coming to the cloud this year, arriving in a limited beta.

Plus, this year's CES announcements were packed with news for GeForce NOW. Battlefield 4: Premium Edition and Battlefield V: Definitive Edition join the exhilarating collection of Electronic Arts titles streaming from the cloud. Plus, a GeForce NOW promotion is available for AT&T 5G customers, and GeForce NOW will be streaming on Samsung TVs later this year.

Cogniac is transforming defect detection across automotive, railway and manufacturing industries.

Bill Kish founded Ruckus Wireless two decades ago to make Wi-Fi networking easier. Now, he's doing the same for computer vision in industrial AI.

In 2015, Kish started Cogniac, a company that offers a self-service computer vision platform and development support.

Like in the early days of Wi-Fi deployment, the rollout of AI is challenging, he said. Cogniac's answer is to offer companies a fast track to building datasets on their own for models by scanning parts and equipment, using its no-code AI platform.

Consulting giant leverages NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD for AV training solutions.

Autonomous vehicles are born in the data center, which is why NVIDIA and Deloitte are delivering a strong foundation for developers to deploy robust self-driving technology.

At CES this week, the companies detailed their collaboration, which is aimed at easing the biggest pain points in AV development. Deloitte, a leading global consulting firm, is pairing with NVIDIA to offer a range of services for data generation, collection, ingestion, curation, labeling and deep neural network (DNN) training with NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD.

Building AVs requires massive amounts of data. A fleet of 50 test vehicles driving six hours a day generates 1.6 petabytes daily - if all that data were stored on standard 1GB flash drives, they'd cover more than 100 football fields. Yet that isn't enough.

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