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New head office in Toronto designed as a collaboration and culture hub with a focus on teamwork, creativity, and talent development

Hewlett Packard Enterprise announced that it has opened a new head office in Toronto, Canada, designed to enhance team members' onsite experiences; from facilitating collaboration, heightening culture-building, and providing amenities to let teams get the greatest benefit that coming together affords while maximizing flexibility and wellness.

In 2021, HPE created the Edge-to-Office experience, which prioritizes flexibility and choice in the balance between office and remote work while maintaining a strong culture and connectedness. Offices, such as the new campus in Toronto, are envisioned and transformed into hubs for collaboration and social interaction, rather than full time dedicated workstations.

HPE's people-centric culture offers gender-neutral flexibility for parents, as well as benefits that keep mothers' careers on track with flexible, personal options that help minimize the career interruptions that are typically associated with motherhood

I have generally considered Mother's Day a personal affair, when families show gratitude for the tireless work that mothers put into raising the next generation. But as a mother of two teenagers and an executive at a global tech company, I can't help but reflect on the significant role employers play in shaping the experience of motherhood.

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