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Managing unstructured data is key to business growth.

Every organization today is data-rich. Today, it is widely acknowledged that no organization can effectively service their customers without investing in some form of data-driven technology and analytics. As companies double down on digital transformation, more capacity is needed to process a wider variety of applications from files and objects to streams, forcing them to prioritize a well-designed digital infrastructure investment.

Rapid advancements in computing power and 5G connectivity (check out my take on the future of 5G here) are top-of-mind scenarios that create vast quantities of data and increase enterprise workloads across Edge, Core and Cloud. By 2025, there will be 175 zettabytes of data in the global datasphere, of which 80% will be unstructured. However, Deloitte reported that only 18% of organizations could take advantage of such data, underscoring a huge opportunity for businesses to derive valuable insights and make data-driven decisions.

Partners can now provide multi-tenancy for Tanzu on VxRail and VMware Cloud Foundation to simplify their IaaS deployments.

With the explosive growth of containerized applications running from the core to the edge, and onto the Radio Access Network (RAN), businesses of all sizes and roles are challenged with managing the myriad of infrastructures needed to host those ever-growing applications.

Dell Technologies and VMware have created a solution architecture (illustrated below) that simplifies IaaS deployments at Cloud Service Provider locations for their end customers, offering the end customer a virtual private cloud leveraging the multi-tenancy features of VMware Cloud Director with the implementation simplicity of Cloud Foundation.

The new Dell Unity XT 5.2 Operating Environment brings feature/function parity between Unity XT HFAs and AFAs.

Dell Technologies continues delivering breakthrough storage software innovations to its customers with the availability of Dell Unity XT's latest Operating Environment (OE) 5.2. This software release delivers several important storage technologies designed to simplify how users address capacity expansion and recover data faster, expand disaster recovery topologies, increase storage utilization and cost-effectively upgrade Unity XT systems while lowering CapEx/OpEx.

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