Security Boulevard: Effectively Tackling Hardcoded Secrets With A Secrets Management Maturity Model (July 13th)

U.K.-based Inception member PrecisionLife uses AI-led data analytics to identify significant combinations of disease biomarkers.

At a time when much about COVID-19 remained a mystery, U.K.-based PrecisionLife used AI and combinatorial analytics to discover new genes associated with severe symptoms and hospitalizations for patients.

The techbio company's study, published in June 2020, pinpoints 68 novel genes associated with individuals who experienced severe disease from the virus. Over 70 percent of these targets have since been independently validated in global scientific literature as genetic risk factors for severe COVID-19 symptoms.

The new SUV has something for everyone with an array of human-centered and autonomous driving modes.

Accounting for nearly half of global vehicle sales in 2021, SUVs have grown in popularity given their versatility. Now, NIO aims to amp up the volume further.

This week, the electric automaker unveiled the ES7 SUV, purpose-built for the intelligent vehicle era. Its sporty yet elegant body houses an array of cutting-edge technology, including the Adam autonomous driving supercomputer, powered by NVIDIA DRIVE Orin.

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