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Edge Native Applications Are Conquering The Edge
Cisco News, July 27th, 2022
January 1, 1970,
Volume 292, Issue 4

When you are reading about 'the Edge,' do you always know what is meant by that term?

The edge is a very abstract term. For example, to a service provider, the edge could mean computing devices close to a cell tower. For a manufacturing company, the edge could mean an IoT gateway with sensors located on their shop floor.

There is a need to categorize the edge more, and fortunately there are some approaches. One of them is coming from the Linux Foundation (LF Edge), which is categorizing the edge into a User Edge and Service Provider Edge. The Service Provider Edge means to provide server-based compute for the global fixed or mobile networking infrastructure. It is usually consumed as a service provided by a communications service provider (CSP).

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