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How Holograms Are Becoming A Reality For Experiential Learning
Cisco News, Thursday, May 18,2023
May 18, 2023,
Volume 302, Issue 3

The popular 1960s American TV show, Star Trek, featured a fictional device called a 'holodeck,' that used holograms. Star Trek used these 3D simulations in both real and imaginary settings to allow its characters to interact with the environment, objects, and other characters.

Not only that, but the show's characters use holodecks for tasks, such as scientific simulations or tactical, covert training.

What's a hologram? you wonder.

Holograms are projected light and electromagnetic energy that create the illusion of solid objects.

Fast forward to modern times, and that work of fiction is becoming a reality. Today, holograms are becoming a reality for experiential learning. Read on to explore how the rise of immersive technologies, such as holograms, is having a fascinating impact on the digital learning space; namely, in the promise of offering us new ways to approach learning challenges.

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