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Delivering Business Value While Cost Of Capital Remains High
Dell Technologies News, Monday, May 15,2023
May 15, 2023,
Volume 302, Issue 3

What you should know about how IT can leverage Dell APEX to drive value for their businesses.

The rising cost of capital can have significant implications for IT investment strategies and business value optimization. As the cost of capital rises, it's important for IT organizations to adapt their approach and focus on solutions that increase cost efficiency, productivity, digital resiliency and business acceleration to effectively address the changing economic landscape.

By shifting from traditional CapEx to as-a-Service (aaS) and pay-as-you-go models, organizations can mitigate some of the challenges that come with cost of capital increases, all while creating value, increasing agility and scalability, enhancing risk management and leveraging partnerships and collaborations. This helps businesses navigate high-cost-of-capital environments and optimize value derived from their IT investments.

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