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A Requirements-Driven Approach To Cyber Threat Intelligence
Mandiant News, Tuesday, May 16,2023
May 16, 2023,
Volume 302, Issue 3

Cyber threat intelligence (CTI) serves a broad purpose: to inform, advise, and empower stakeholders within an organization. Successful CTI functions invariably put stakeholder intelligence requirements at the heart of their mission statement. But, any CTI team can and should adopt a requirements-focused approach.

In our report, A Requirements-Driven Approach to Cyber Threat Intelligence, we outline what it means to be requirements-driven in practice. We offer actionable advice on how intelligence functions can implement and optimize such an approach within their organizations.

Implementing a requirements-driven approach to CTI has never been more important. In a recent Mandiant global survey, we found that while 96% of security decision-makers believe it is important to understand which threats could be targeting their organization, 79% of respondents make decisions without adversary insights the majority of the time. With operationalizing threat intelligence posing a challenge for many security functions, a requirements-driven approach to CTI introduces essential building blocks for a thriving intelligence capability within an organization.

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