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Why Choose Hardware-Assisted Security
Dell Technologies, Thursday, February 8th, 2024
Sophisticated attacks can bypass software-only security. Combat modern attacks with Dell, Intel and CrowdStrike's integrated solution.

Hybrid remote and cloud-based work increased the attack surface exponentially. We went from employees sitting in offices within the safety net of enterprise security to a distributed workforce. All kinds of endpoint devices are now connecting to corporate networks and clouds from everywhere. And attackers are seeing the opportunities.

It's not just endpoint devices about which we need to worry. Attacks can also originate in the network and the cloud, too. Attackers are directing their efforts to the organization's entire computing stack, blending in with valid system processes.

Improving Cost, Efficiency And Sustainability? Yes, It's Possible
Dell Technologies, Tuesday, February 6th, 2024
Dell APEX PC-as-a-Service boosts productivity and reduces costs while supporting the circular economy.

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, worldwide demand for smart software solutions continues to rise. The software segment is expected to see double-digit growth as companies across industries seek innovative ways to streamline operations and stay competitive. However, environmental consciousness is growing at the same scale and pace.

Software developers, like all businesses, must focus not only on driving innovation and minimizing IT costs but also adopting sustainable practices for technology procurement and usage. This means supplying staff with top-of-the-line devices while staying mindful of budget and avoiding waste. The objective is to thrive now and in the long term by aligning with changes in customer preferences, regulatory requirements and global trends.

Empowering Developers With Meta Code Llama 70B Model
Dell Technologies, Thursday, February 8th, 2024
A powerful code generation AI model for the open-source community.

It is great to be working with Meta as they roll out the 70 billion parameter versions of their three Code Llama models to the open-source community. This is another significant step forward in extending the availability of cost-effective AI models to our Dell Technologies customers.

Code assistant large language models (LLMs) offer several benefits for code efficiency, such as enhanced code quality, increased productivity and support for complex codebases. Moreover, deploying an open-source LLM on-premises gives organizations full control over their data and ensures compliance with privacy regulations at the same time, reducing latency and controlling costs.

Consistent program structure to support partners with strong collaboration for joint success.

For 40 years, Dell Technologies has helped transform the world. Now, on day one of our new fiscal year, we are excited to unveil the 2024 Dell Technologies Partner Program so together, we can continue driving human progress.

Our 2024 Dell Technologies Partner Program has a consistent tiered program structure with even more focus on collaboration, acquisition and investment in critical growth areas to drive shared success.

Avoid Three Common Digitalization Mistakes In Manufacturing With Partners
Dell Technologies, Wednesday, February 7th, 2024
Sidestep three pitfalls in manufacturing digitalization with Ernst & Young and Dell Technologies as your partners.

For all the talk about Industry 4.0-not to mention the hundreds of billions of dollars a year manufacturers invest in digitalizing their operations-a sad truth stays hidden: Too many initiatives fall short in delivering near-term value and establishing a long-term future for businesses.

That's unfortunate because, in our experience, digitalization can have huge payoffs in efficiencies, innovation, agility and market leadership-if done with the right partners. In advising hundreds of manufacturers worldwide, Dell Technologies and EY teams have found their digitalization journeys often encounter three big hurdles:

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