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The sense of urgency has never been higher for businesses to leverage data and AI for competitive advantage. Today's leaders are still grappling with unprecedented data challenges in scaling AI.

Not only will data volumes continue to grow, but new formats of unstructured data are growing 30-60% annually1. Data silos and data complexity are multiplying further in more locations and applications, preventing data from being accessed, enriched and used effectively. To make use of large volumes of unstructured data for analytics and AI, organizations turned to Hadoop data lakes for cost effective storage, open formats and flexibility. But as data volumes grow, these traditional data lakes are constrained by performance, governance and complexity to maintain.

Newest IBM LinuxONE system is engineered to deliver cybersecurity, resiliency, scalability and AI inferencing for hybrid cloud environments. Moving Linux workloads from a compared x86 system to an IBM LinuxONE 4 Express can save over 52% on the total cost of ownership over 5 years.

IBM announced IBM LinuxONE 4 Express, extending the latest performance, security and AI capabilities of LinuxONE to small and medium sized businesses and within new data center environments. The pre-configured rack mount system is designed to offer cost savings and to remove client guess work when spinning up workloads quickly and getting started with the platform to address new and traditional use cases such as digital assets, medical imaging with AI, and workload consolidation.

Building an integrated hybrid cloud strategy for today and years to come

As businesses move their products and services online quickly, oftentimes, they are left with a hybrid cloud environment created by default, with siloed stacks that are not conducive to alignment across businesses or the introduction of AI.

IBM Is A 2024 G2 Best Of Software Awards Winner
IBM News, Tuesday, February 6th, 2024
We are pleased to announce that IBM products have earned 17 placements in G2's 2024 Best Software Awards. IBM's dedication to putting clients first continues to be the driving force behind its success, including but not limited to industry awards like these.

The G2 2024 Best Software Awards rank the world's best software companies and products based on authentic, timely reviews from real users.

Over ninety million people from all over the world visited G2 in 2023 to conduct research, using positive feedback from customers and awards like these to make their shortlist.

The commercialization of amateur sports has accelerated college recruiting decision-making timelines, putting enormous pressure on athletes, parents, and coaches. This reality often forces coaching staffs to rely on inadequate tools to efficiently analyze large amounts of data from disparate sources.

EDGE3 is an athlete intelligence and digital advisory platform for coaches and athletes. Along with a handful of other former professional athletes, I created EDGE3 to use AI to tackle this growing challenge in college athletics.

We are taking our data insight to the next level. EDGE3 will embed IBM watsonx, IBM's AI and data platform, to help coaches navigate the increasingly complex world of recruiting and retaining student-athletes interested in playing college football.

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