SNIA: Storage Trends 2024 (March 13th)

NVIDIA joins to help pioneer tools and methodologies to promote trustworthy AI.

NVIDIA has joined the National Institute of Standards and Technology's new U.S. Artificial Intelligence Safety Institute Consortium as part of the company's effort to advance safe, secure and trustworthy AI.

AISIC will work to create tools, methodologies and standards to promote the safe and trustworthy development and deployment of AI. As a member, NVIDIA will work with NIST - an agency of the U.S. Department of Commerce - and fellow consortium members to advance the consortium's mandate.

Companies to offer enterprises simplified cloud-based and on-premises AI infrastructure, networking and software, including infrastructure management, secure AI infrastructure, observable end-to-end AI solutions and access to NVIDIA AI Enterprise software that supports the building and deployment of advanced AI and generative AI workloads.

Cisco and NVIDIA announced plans to deliver AI infrastructure solutions for the data center that are easy to deploy and manage, enabling the massive computing power that enterprises need to succeed in the AI era.

'AI is fundamentally changing how we work and live, and history has shown that a shift of this magnitude is going to require enterprises to rethink and re-architect their infrastructures,' said Chuck Robbins, Chair and CEO, Cisco. 'Strengthening our great partnership with NVIDIA is going to arm enterprises with the technology and the expertise they need to build, deploy, manage, and secure AI solutions at scale.'

'Companies everywhere are racing to transform their businesses with generative AI,' said Jensen Huang, founder and CEO of NVIDIA. 'Working closely with Cisco, we're making it easier than ever for enterprises to obtain the infrastructure they need to benefit from AI, the most powerful technology force of our lifetime.'

With advances in computing, sophisticated AI models and machine learning are having a profound impact on business and society. Industries can use AI to quickly analyze vast bodies of data, allowing them to derive meaningful insights, make predictions and automate processes for greater efficiency.

In the public sector, government agencies are achieving superior disaster preparedness. Biomedical researchers are bringing novel drugs to market faster. Telecommunications providers are building more energy-efficient networks. Manufacturers are trimming emissions from product design, development and manufacturing processes. Hollywood studios are creating impressive visual effects at a fraction of the cost and time. Robots are being deployed on important missions to help preserve the Earth. And investment advisors are running more trade scenarios to optimize portfolios.

Eighty-two percent of companies surveyed are already using or exploring AI, and 84% report that they're increasing investments in data and AI initiatives. Any organization that delays AI implementation risks missing out on new efficiency gains and becoming obsolete.

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