Cybersecurity's Hottest New Technologies: What You Need To Know (March 21st)
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Every technology conversation today centers around the transformative potential of generative AI for the future. But the reality is, it's already happening today. And while its capabilities are noteworthy, the real promise of generative AI for business is not what it can do so much as the value it can create.

In my role at SAP, I speak to business leaders all the time about the value that generative AI can add to their business in ways they might not even realize, and I hear countless stories about how it is already starting to do that. One of my favorite examples is one that SAP announced last week in an arena that is near and dear to me: finding and developing the next generation of star athletes.

As someone who used to play and coach basketball in Australia, I have had a lifelong appreciation of coaching but also of scouting talent. Scouting is a discipline where art truly meets science, where experience and intuition are strengthened by the objective reality revealed by data.

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